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Do you suffer from foot or lower limb pain of any kind?

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Here at Beattie Podiatry we can devise a treatment plan and find the treatment options most suitable for you to let you get back to living your life.

There are many reasons for foot pain ranging from muscular damage, to a corn, verruca or ingrown toenail and we have seen and treated them all. We always say don't worry, your feet won't be able to shock us with our clinical experience!

A Foot Health Assessment is commonly carried out for those with Diabetes but is helpful for all.  We perform these in the practice, with the aid of several small quick tests and checks, including using our Doppler ultrasound machine to listen for your foot pulses.

We are experienced in dealing with those with chronic health conditions such as Rheumatiod Arthritis, Diabetes, Strokes or Parkinson's and also those with mobility issues. We can often make quite an impact on a persons wellbeing, simply by doing our professional best for your feet.

If you struggle in your everyday life with pain in your feet/legs or are having to modify your activities due to pain, we can offer a wide range of services that can help alleviate recurring pain and in many cases, remove pain altogether. Pain or discomfort anywhere in the lower limb - from your feet or legs, your knees, hips or lower back can often be eased or banished with the application of our biomechanical assessment skills to formulate a specific treatment plan for you.  Insoles or orthoses designed specifically for you, if required, are also part of our service.

Whatever your foot/lower limb requirements: nail surgery, biomechanical assessment, insole/orthoses, foot care assistance as you can no longer reach your feet, nail care for thick, fungal, poorly shaped nails or hard skin treatment/corn removal; we have the training, experience and understanding to make your feet more comfortable and hopefully get you on your feet again.

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Our range of podiatry services include:


Biomechanical Assessment

A specialist clinical assessment looking at the structure of the joints, bones and muscles of the lower limb to determine any issues causing pain or reducing effective function.


Insoles and Orthoses

Bespoke chairside insoles, clinically modifiable prefabricated insoles/orthoses or fully custom made orthoses made to our prescription from your assessment from a specialist Podiatry Laboratory.


Nail, corn and callous (hard skin) relief

Reduction of nails, removal of hard skin or corns to give ease and comfort to the feet.


Foot Health Assessments for all (including those with Diabetes)

We carry out multiple simple checks assessing the skin condition, blood flow, nerve supply and other protective mechanisms in the foot for your foot health to assess your particular foot health risk score.


Childrens foot and lower limb issues assessed

With 2 boys ourselves (plus our receptionist's 2 girls) we are used to the concerns and queries children can cause! We will happily field questions regarding specific growth and development concerns, and assist with any advice or treatment for any pains or general foot/lower limb health query about your child.


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